Site Re-launch!

I’m sorry that there haven’t been any new book or movie reviews on this blog for a long time.  I did write them, but I did not allow myself the joy of uploading them and participating in the online community of like-minded readers and viewers because I had to get my darned PhD thesis finished.

It was taking sooo long, so I stopped doing everything else except for my full-time job (which is the reason I had to do another degree) and looking after my kids.  But – now it’s over, and the fun begins again!

The only difference is that all the On That Note content will move to my author site, where it will appear under the Just for Fun menu category.

(No, I have not yet published a novel – but it’s on the list.  In the meantime, my fiction reviews will just have to make friends with my non-fiction.)

This version of the site will deleted at the end of March.

As soon as possible, I will upload all the unpublished reviews written on slips of paper all over my house, and then get stuck into this year’s viewing and reading.  Yay!  I can’t express how keen I am for this.

Please join me at




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