Absolute Zero 57.8%

With Jeff Fahey and Erika Elleniak

Story  1.5

“because science is never wrong”…  The biggest problem with that is all the ‘science’ in the movie.

Direction (incl cinematography) 1.5
nice helicopter shots

Acting 2
David x (Jeff Fahey?) … Fahey is slightly better at playing a human being than an arrogant scientist, but overall there’s some truly terrible acting in this movie.  Especially the jerky boss.  Standouts are the female grad student and the little girl.

Costumes / makeup 4.5
Nothing super special, but no problems either.

Set 4.5
The Sci-Tech doors were a bit try-hard, but I thought all the sets and locations were good.

Lighting & sound 4

Music 3.5

Special effects (incl stunts) 1.5
I make better fake blood… (awkward).

Engagement 3

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