Faultline, starring Brandy Ledford & Doug Savant (35%)

2004 TV Movie.  URL http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0402175/

STORY:  1/5
Really though?  Is that woman in the tunnel the worst thing that town has to worry about?

Well, it looks like they tried.  The slow-mo closeups on feet walking through the tunnels were a bit special.  Some things I did like, such as the man sitting behind the door.  Didn’t see that coming.

The only reason this is not zero is that there were a couple of redeeming actors who were sadly under-utilised.  My favourite was the grad student, who I hope has gone on to other things.  The rest of the cast appear to be ring-in relatives or members of a local adult ed class.  Really, the acting was mesmerisingly tragic.


SET: 3/5
Exteriors were good.  Interiors were potentially good, but used strangely.  I’ve no idea why yelling couldn’t be heard up/down the shaft.

Okay, but there was negligible difference between light and dark, making the torches a bit redundant, and some scenes could have been a lot spookier.

Nice burns.  Awful cave-ins and crush scene positioning.  It would have been fun making all those polystyrene rocks though.

I genuinely can’t recall, and I don’t want to watch it again to find out.

I was engrossed for the first five minutes, and thereafter I was repeatedly surprised that the story was getting smaller and smaller.  Mostly I just kept watch to see what new acting might make an appearance.

A genuinely awful movie, and I’m glad I watched it.

Total score = 14/40 = 35%

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