This site is all about Opinions.  Mostly my opinions, but yours are invited too.

From the items in the menu bar, you can see that most of the opinions already here are about fiction:  Mini-reviews of novels read.  So far, these are mostly disaster and post-apocalyptic genre tales, but there will no doubt be some exceptions to mix things up.

In the pipeline are plans to expand to mini-reviews of movies, and the soon-to-be-launched AW(ful/some) Award.  These light-hearted informal acknowledgments definitely are specifically about disaster movies.  A unique feature of disaster movies is that they can be absolutely awful, yet still be raved about by those who appreciate their extreme awfulness.  My friend (let’s call him Roger) and I take great pleasure from buying new masterpieces in dollar stores, and swapping back and forth from our personal libraries.  Good stuff!

Each movie review will involve ratings against specific criteria, and at the end of each year, the movies will all be ranked to see which is the best of the worst reviewed in that year.  Here is where your opinions come in… I can’t be sitting around watching movies every day (sadly), because I’ve got novels to read (oh, and a job to do, and kids to raise, and a property to tend, and a house to keep…), so it will need to be a collaborative effort.  All the details will be posted to the AW(ful/some) Award section soon, and you will be able to post your movie reviews as ‘comments’ to the Movie Reviews page.  So next time you sit down to enjoy a new disaster movie, take notes, and take part in what will hopefully be a really fun forum!


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